Project Management for EU-funded projects

You want to be sure that the management of your reseach project will run smoothly? Then you’ve come to the right place.

The European Commission requires the use of Project Cycle Management (PCM) for EU funded projects. PCM is divided into different project phases from programming, through formulation to evaluation and auditing. Our project managers are familiar with all phases of PCM to successfully implement and manage EU-funded projects and fulfil the requirements of the European Commission.


Looking for someone who’ll take care of the communications aspects of your European Research Project? We can help.

• Communication for the general public:


EMH is specialized in effective communications for research projects. We’ll set up a website to advertize your project for the general public. We’ll take care of the initial content of the website and will then update it regularly. We’ll deliver attractive and concise leaflets describing your project. Should the need arise, we can also take care of the graphic design of your reports and guarantee a flawless professional layout.


Communication for demo projects:
              We piece together and edit information in view of industrial exploitation of research results.


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