Lidietta GIORNO - ITM's Director

Lidietta Giorno is the director of the Italian Institute on Membrane Technology (ITM-CNR). She is an expert in membrane technologies, in particular for applications in biotechnology. She has a background in biological sciences and new materials. Lidietta coordinates research projects at national, European and international level and develops collaborations with China (International Centre of Weihai) and South Korea (Hanyang University in Seoul).

She brings to EMH her broad knowledge in the food, biotech and biomedical fields.


João CRESPO - Professor of Chemical Engineering

João Crespo is Professor of Chemical Engineering at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa  (NOVA), Portugal, where he is also Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation.

He is former Vice-President of the Portuguese National Science Foundation and former Academic Dean of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology at NOVA.  João is also a founder and member of two spin-off companies. His research interests are membrane separation processes, membrane bioreactors, process monitoring.

João brings to EMH his extensive experience and participates in the WssTP Advanced Membrane Technology working group.


Inge GENNE - Programme Manager

Inge Genné is a Programme manager at VITO (Flemish institute for technological Research). She is heading a research team of about 45 people, executing the programme of membrane engineering, chemical applications and industrial water treatment.

Inge has extensive international experience in the area of membrane technology, industrial water management and sustainable chemistry. She brings it all to EMH and actively puts people in contact and spreads the word on how effective membrane technologies are for water treatment. Inge also coordinates and participates in European and national research projects in the field of Water and Membrane technology.