Stéphanie HERNANDEZ - Graphic Designer

Stéphanie provides a range of creative solutions for both digital and print projects. She is a cornerstone of EMH team: her skills are manyfold and her mind always bubbling with creative ideas. Brochures, leaflets and websites with modern professional layouts are delivered right on time and tailor-made to match the need of your project.

Stéphanie’s background is in life sciences. After a PhD, she opted for communication and took degrees in multimedia and webdesign… Her choice was made: devoting herself to graphic design for scientists.


Mathilde BOUCHER – Communication officer

Mathilde works at EMH as communication officer since April 2017, replacing Elsa KASSARDJIAN.

As a food engineer, she worked two years in a veterinary lab in charge of improving food safety in collective catering. Attracted by multidisciplinary and multicultural dynamics, she was involved in the European research project AFTER (African Food Tradition rEvisited by Research. 2010-2014). Vice-coordinator based in Dakar during the last two years of the project, she was in charge of the demonstration and dissemination activities. She developed her expertise in research project management and communication.


Lucie VAAMONDE - European project officer

Lucie works at EMH as European project officer. She deals specifically on Intellectual Property Rights issues and exploitation strategy of European projects. Lucie’s backgroung is in European law and European affairs. She developed her expertise in European projects as adviser within the Enterprise Europe Network. Throughout her professional experience, she participated and coordinated H2020, CIP, Interreg and national R&D projects.   


Gilbert RIOS - EMH's Executive Director

Prof. Dr. Ing. Gilbert M. Rios has extensive hands-on experience of European projects management and coordination: he coordinated the NanoMemPro Network of Excellence (funded by FP6 for 4 years) and the MemBridge project (funded by FP7 for 2 years). So if you’re thinking of participating in the European Commission's HORIZON 2020, don’t hesitate to ask for his acute analysis of your project.

EMH’s executive director has furthermore developed over the years a valuable network of membrane key players all over Europe, in academia and industry.